BoBo and Boo FAQs

Is BoBo and Boo dishwasher safe?

Yes it is safe to go on the top shelf of all standard dishwashers

What colours are available?

BoBo and Boo is currently available in Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Lilac, Grey and Monochrome

Is BoBo and Boo microwave safe?

No BoBo and Boo is not suitable for use in the microwave

Are BoBo and Boo environmentally friendly?

Yes they are fully biodegradable

Bobo & Boo Product Shots-38.JPG



Are BoBo and Boo BPA free?

Yes they are entirely BPA free

What are BoBo and Boo Made of?

Bobo & Boo Dinnerware sets are made of 55% bamboo fibre, PLA (plant based) resin, a small mixture of bran and cornstarch fibre and 0.5% food safe colouring. 

Anything else?

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