Just wanted to say we are absolutely loving our Yumbox. I was slightly dubious about spending so much on a “lunchbox” but it is wonderful. Prior to us buying one we were lucky if our daughter are her sandwich, she said it was embarrassing asking her teachers for help opening numerous packets and containers. Now every day she comes home with an empty Yumbox and a fully tummy. Couldn’t be happier
Hi, I have two of these (1 Panino and 1 classic) and they are FAB!! I bought one for my 8 year old son and for him it has revolutionised lunchtimes. My 11 year old daughter was so jealous. I have since purchased one for her too (must admit I’d quite like one myself too!!).
I would add that upon my 8 year old’s return from school (the first time using new Yumbox) we discussed and he seemed positive, I said that I was really pleased that he liked it (‘cos let’s face it they’re not cheap)....his response was I don’t like it Mummy, I love it!! High praise indeed. He even uses it at the weekend!
— Sarah B
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