Jaq Jaq Bird FAQs


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What is different about Jaq Jaq Bird Chalks?

ButterStix™ patented is truly one of its kind, it has zero-dust. It is food safe so you can use it on dishes, glasses, containers, lunchboxes etc. Works on most non-porous surface such as dry erase boards, chalk boards, walls, etc. Of course it works on all our chalk related products such as the  Chalk A Doodle Book ™. It is not meant to be only for kids, but serious artists use our chalks too. 

Can I use traditional chalks on Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk related products?

Yes! you can use traditonal chalks on our products, just don't use side-walk chalks because they will scratch the surface. But, be forewarned,  once you use ButterStix™, you won't want to go back!


Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Books

Help! ButterStix™ will not erase!

Because The ButterStix® has no dust, it  might leave  "ghost chalk marks" from the oil that is contained in the chalk. You can "cure" the Chalk Table Runner™ by smearing traditional white chalk across the Runner and erase with a dry cloth, then try it with our chalks. Please note, ButterStix® will "ghost" from time to time, but this is a normal, especially after using the chalks repeatedly on the same surface.


When used on Chalkboard Paint or Chalkboard Painted surfaces, Butterstix® can leave a permanent "shadowing" when removed. Although depending on the surface, it can sometimes be removed completely with a Magic Eraser, (sold with our Gray Chalk Table Runner) sometimes it will permanently leave a remnant of your project. Nowadays, there are many different types of decorative "chalkboards". As many would seem as if they are non-porous, unless the fame is actually some material like a slate or metal, most likely they have been covered with a chalkboard paint-like material at the manufacturer. Therefore, it almost always can leave the shadowing behind. Please keep that in mind if you use them in your home.

Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Books

Are the ButterStix® and Chalk Books patented?

Chalk Books has been submitted for utility patent in USA and internationally. Yes, on the Butterstix® it sure is and we are in the middle of receiving our international patent.