The award winning Lunchbox Love notes are a fun and unique way to remind your special little person you are thinking of them every day.  Perfect for packing with a lunchbox, or slipping into their book or backpack.......

Fun trivia (on in some special packs little jokes) on the back entertains while the positive quotes on the front make sure they know you're thinking of them.

Each volume contains 12 cards: 10 with different phrases and fun facts / jokes and 2 blanks so you can add a personal message. A great way to share positive feelings and values with your children.

The credit-card size case fits easily into a pocket, purse or on a countertop, making it easy to grab and give while making lunches or snacks for school and other activities. 

A case of 12 cards can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle of 4 (enough for a quarter of the school year) or 8 volumes (enough for half of the school year).

Why not send some love with your lunch..............?