Yumbox was the runner up in Little Londons 2015 Awards - Feeding Children Category

Nutri Fill-It


The Mum Diaries

"Boys loved them, really loved them!  So easy to use and the double zip lock at bottom keeps it all leak free.  I can tell these will be well used in our family" @_theMumDiaries





The Reward Box



Mummy's Zone

The Pirate Reward Box has a new fan!  Oscar and his Mummy (Mummy's Zone) have been using it instead of their standard sticker chart and they can confirm it really works!

"Last month we were kindly sent a Pirate Reward Box for Oscar and it has gone down a treat. Up until then I was printing off free charts every week that never got completed and there was no real rewards at the end as they often got forgot about. When the Pirate Reward Box arrived this completely changed!"

"It really does make good behaviour fun"

To read the whole review, please visit Mummy Zone's blog her



BoBo and Boo

BoBo and Boo Bamboo



The Daily Telepgraph

A great mention for BoBo and Boo as an alternative to plastic from The Daily Telegraph





Vegetarian Food and Living


We are thrilled to have our gorgeous BoBo and Boo Bambooware range recognised in vegetarian Food and Living as a top 'Pick for the Planet'









Vegen Living


BoBo and Boo has been picked as 'Eco Fun for Kids' but Vegan Living


Lunch Punch




Mother and Baby 2018

"Just try telling us that your toddler wouldn't want their lunch in the shape of a mermaid or a unicorn"!

















The Sunday Mirror

We were thrilled that The Sunday Mirror picked Lunch Punch as one of its featured products in the Cooking section.  'Marking Sarnies Fun"!







"My son, who struggled to get through half a sandwich now eats TWO!! Lunch Punch is a big hit at my daughter’s school too. Love it!!" - Michelle S

"Love it… My 5 year old son loves jigsaw puzzles (he has autism). As he’d recently started school and wasn’t eating his lunch, this new lunch punch puzzle sandwich press has done the trick! No more sandwiches in the bin. Have recommended to other mums and they’ve asked where I got it! Great invention."  Louise S

"Bought these for my 5 year old daughters birthday party. They are really easy to use and cut through the bread easily. I was impressed by the fact that there was minimal wastage after the shapes were cut. They are a lovely idea to liven up some sandwiches either for a special occasion like a party or for everyday packed lunches. They feel good quality and as if they will last a long time. Very pleased" Amazon Customer




Janine's Little World

"This was just the best product I have ever received for review. They are in use whenever the kids are at home to have their lunch"

Thanks to Janine's Little World for her lovely review. You can read the whole thing here - http://www.janineslittleworld.com/lunch-punch-picky-eaters/




Lily's Little Learners

We were thrilled to have our latest review of Lunch Punch come back with the verdict - "Brilliant Value for Money"

"Lily ate a lot more sandwich than she normally would as a lot of the time she would take a bite of each and then be done with it. This time she actually ate full pieces of sandwich.  I can't wait to use these on a more regular basis. I think they are perfect for everyday use, picnics and parties"

To read the entire review please visit Lilys Little Learners here


Jaq Jaq Bird

Fun and functional
— Smallish Magazine
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