Reward Ideas 

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To help you get the best from your Reward Box we will be sharing some great ideas for rewards which have worked with our children….

  • Stickers - you can often by little packs of 6 sheets in party shops (designed to be party bag fillers) which can be left a sheet at a time.  Otherwise buy a sticker book from your local supermarket and these can easily be cut up to male mini sheets

  • Crayons / Pencils - a pack of good quality pencils can be left one at a time so they can collect the whole set.  We especially like Crayola’s Washable Felt tips and animal stamper pens

  • Stationary set - A simple stationary set can be broken down and left in parts - children will love collecting their pencil, ruler, plastic scissors etc (Smiggle do some fab, fun stationary such as smelly gel pens)

  • Stampers - Melissa and Doug do a fabulous range of little stampers (with coloured ink pads) themed for princesses, dinosaurs, the farmyard etc which can be split to be left as rewards.  They also do a set of all of the alphabet which make a great educational resource to use with your child.  These are available from all good toy retailers as well as amazon

  • Craft supplies - a visit to a good stationer or supermarket can yield some fabulous and cheap craft supplies, everything from a tube of glitter, a pack of wobbly eyes or pom poms to a little ‘Mister Maker Craft Kit’ complete with all of the aspects to complete a full craft project.  This makes a particularly special reward if it comes with the promise of an hour of your time to complete a craft project

  • Play doh - we particularly love the mini tubs from hasbro which make great rewards, another good idea is to buy a bigger set of accessories (such as cutters and tools) which can be split to give little rewards which will provide hours of entertainment 

  • A baking set - we love Zac and Lily who provide everything you need (in a beautifully presented box) to do some fun baking with your littl person

Physical Rewards - Imagination

  • Plastic figures - a set of plastic figures can provide endless amusement as children learn to use them to tell their own stories.  A cheap and easy way to get a popular set is to buy ‘Busy Books’ for their favourite theme (be it Frozen or Ninja Turtles) as the book comes complete with 10 figures.  Alternatively a playmobil set can be purchased and broken down to collect the set over a period of time

  • Cars - packs of hot wheels style cars make a great (and relatively inexpensive) way to reward children as they collect different sets

  • Jewellery and hair accessories - most children’s clothing retailers sell inexpensive sets of hair slides, beaded necklaces, plastic rings etc.  these make great rewards for stylish little people

  • Dolls House accessories - dolls house accessories can make perfect rewards as they can easily be split down to make rewards

  • Lego - small lego gift sets (or larger sets broken down into smaller bags) can make great rewards 

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Physical Rewards - Outdoors

  • Pocket money toys / Party bag toys - (such as small rubber balls, foam gliders, punchbag balloons and bubbles) can be lovely rewards, especially if they are given on a day where you will get a chance to get outside and spend time with your child paying with them

  • Pavement chalks - for drawing pictures on tarmac / patios can be great fun and a pack can be easily split down for rewards

Edible Rewards

  • Chocolate coins

  • Boxes of raisins

  • Letting your toddler pick their choice of yoghurts / sweet treats on a supermarket trip (it is often a good idea to give 3 options to select from)

  • A trip to a local cafe for a 'BabyCino' and a treat

Other Rewards

  • A new book and a cuddle with their favourite adult to read it (whilst this won't fit into the Reward Box we usually simply place it underneath

  • Watching an episode of their favourite programme (this is an especially big reward if it is linked with staying up for an extra 10 minutes past bedtime to do so)

Promise Vouchers

A Promise Voucher (you can download some for FREE from our downloads page) for an activity can be a lovely reward (especially if it is something they love doing and it involves getting time together as a family).  Here are some ideas:

  • Baking with Mum or Dad

  • A movie night (dim the lights and add popcorn and you can pretty much watch anything and make it fun!)

  • Downloading a new app for the i-pad / smart phone - this can be a great way to introduce new educational apps to start to develop learning for school (for examples phonics apps).  Here are some great educational app suggestions from

  • A trip to a local soft play

  • A trip to park

  • A trip to a local museum

  • A trip to a local fairground

  • A trip to a local farm or zoo



School (5 - 8+ years)

As your child reaches school age we encourage you to work with them to set Rewards of their choice.  It is best to give them a selection of ideas (see those above in the pre-school section to get you started) and let them pick what they would like.  This is also a great opportunity to start to introduce the concept of value (for example 6 tokens may buy a movie night but the new lego they have asked for might be something to work for over time as it costs 20 tokens).

As they start to understand the value of money and you wish to introduce pocket money you can enable them to swap their tokens for real money which they can save to buy the things they want.


Relevant Rewards

  • Eating - a new cutlery set or a little plastic cup / egg cup etc can be a fun reward for achieving an eating related goal

  • Toothbrush - a fun new toothbrush or tube of children’s toothpaste (the Hello Kitty one is very popular in our house!) can be a great reward for good teeth brushing

  • Knickers / Pants - a fun set of children’s pants with their favourite character on can make great potty training gifts and can be easily split to reward over a period of time (I will never forget the look on  my little girls face when she got to wear cinderella knickers for the first time!)

  • Telling the time - a children’s watch can be a great reward to build to reward a child who has been learning to tell the time

  • School work - stationary gifts from places like Tiger and Smiggle are usually a big hit with school age children