The Yumbox Mini Snack

Yumbox's super cute baby brother!  All the same fabulous features, but designed to pop into a handbag, sports bag, backpack or sleepover pack.  Healthy snacking just got fun!

What is it:  A 3-compartment mini version of the traditional Yumbox.  Perfect for anyone that packs healthy snacks.

Layout:  One large compartment, one small compartment and a mini dip well.  The Snack is small and compact but holds a surprisingly large volume of food

What does it offer: The ability to pack healthy, varied snacks to enjoy on the go (and to help cut down on sugar laden, plastic packed treats)

Who is it designed for:  The Yumbox Mini Snack is perfect for anyone that packs healthy snacks (kids and adults)

How much is it? RRP £18.50

How big is it? The box (with its removable tray inside) measures 15cm x 10cm x 5cm and weighs 280g

Is it leakproof?  Yes - all of the Yumbox range feature a single, leakproof, lid

Learn more about the rest of the Yumbox Collection (including the Yumbox Panino, Classic and Tapas) by clicking here: 


This has been so much fun to use! It fits more than I would have expected and has been totally leak proof. I can send veggies with dip for morning snack at school with no problem. It is easy to clean and seems very sturdy. The circle dip well has been great for dips or to toss a few fruit snacks or his gummy vitamins in.
— A Wagoner
Size is perfect, it even fits my small purse! Very thoughtful design, color is so vibrant! Perdect little snack container! Love yumbox products!
— Mavi