The Yumbox Zuppa

Designed for babies, toddlers and young children, the award winning, Yumbox Classic is now used and loved by hundreds of thousands of families across the world (check out #Yumbox on instagram for thousands of photos)

Yumbox Zuppa

What is it:  A Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Thermal Food Jar, made from premium grade, food safe, stainless steel.

What does it offer: With it’s No Slip Grip Design Lid, easy to Fill Wide Mouth and over 400ml capacity it is perfect for keeping food warm (for up to 6-8 hours) or cold (for 8 hours) on the go.

Who is it designed for:  Accompanied by one of our fabulous Yumbox lunchboxes the Zuppa is perfect for babies, toddler, school kids, teenagers and adults alike!

How much is it? RRP £18.50

How big is it? 12 cm (h) x 10 cm (w)

Is it leakproof?  Yes - all of the Yumbox range are leakproof

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Absolutely fantastic item, fits so much more in than you would expect, nothing leaks (have filled several times with yogurt and dipping sauces etc)
Great for kids to have a wide mix of food especially if like mine they don’t like different foods touching. Really good, expensive but I’d say worth the initial outlay.
— Tricia
Love this lunchbox, I use it for myself (30-year old) and it holds more than enough food for lunch for me. Because of the compartments I have a good guide on what to put in, and so I have been much more creative and healthy with my lunches. Every time I open my lunchbox all my colleagues ‘Oooh’ and ‘Ahhh’. It is sturdy, and mostly leakproof. If you put yoghurt in (like I do) you’ll want to try and keep the box level as possible during your journey so it doesn’t go into the other compartments inside.
— Elizabeth Swan